Who are you, really?

The Egyptians thought owls were protectors to other realms and spiritual worlds. An owl following a soldier or army is a symbol of good fortune. When you see an owl, you are on your path to victory. 

Owls have extremely powerful vision. They possess both monocular (our vision) and binocular vision: seeing the same object with both eyes at the same time, independently of one another. They are able to zoom in and out in an instant. Their perspective is dynamic and ever-changing; imagine having a bird’s eye perspective and telescopic vision instantaneously! 

Because of their extremely powerful eyesight, they are symbols of vision, wisdom, the third eye and intuition. Owls invite us to access our own vision and intuition, to look within, always asking “who”. Who are you, really? Do you know who you truly are? Is this the who that you want to be? They curiously ask us if we are self-aware. 

We have the power and vision to change our lives. It lives within us. Our intuition is our guiding eternal force if we give it the ability to see the truth. 

I invite you to look within. Ask yourself who you are, and where you want to fly. 

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