Strengths Based Leadership - Managers and Teams

Strengths Based Leadership - Managers and Teams

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Great leaders don't put out fires. They fill buckets. 

Gallup researchers have found that the most effective leaders invest in their strengths, maximize their team, and understand why people follow.

Join Maria for an interactive session enhancing team communication, understanding culture and dynamics, and learning to lead with your strengths. 

Maria has created this program specifically for corporate and non-profit organizations and have delivered it to over 50 teams. 

If you area leading a team and looking for a half day, full day, or multiple day retreat, this is a perfect enhancement for your team dynamics and overall organizational goals. 

Strengths Based Leadership Training Includes:

  • Pre-conference call with manager to establish goals, team history, and opportunities for success (30 minutes) 
  • Team to complete Strengths Finder Assessment before day of session (20 minutes) 
  • Conference day to discuss strengths based leadership including group activities, team discussion, breakout exercises, presentations and impactful resources (Select from 3 - 8 hours, 2-3 day, or retreat experiences. Investment price starts at $1,008 and varies depending on experience and team size.)
  • Post-conference call, follow up and next steps (30 minutes)