The Modern Job Search - Following Your True North

Through coaching over 10K students and clients, I have heard many stories of wins and lessons. Career success and job searching best practices in an ever-changing industry landscape shaped me into an agile, innovative professional, providing creative solutions and delivering successful client outcomes. 

At 108 Coaching, my methodology revolves around empowerment, deep industry knowledge, and life design. I strive to align my clients with their personal goals and unique vibrations, fostering a path to their true potential.

The job search process involves 4 essential steps:

  1. Networking: Building and leveraging professional relationships.
  2. Job Applications: Crafting compelling applications and resumes.
  3. Skill Enhancement: Continuously improving and acquiring new skills.
  4. Wellness: Maintaining overall well-being throughout the journey.

I work with clients to establish rhythm in their search as they navigate the job market while staying on course with their ultimate goals and career.

108 Coaching is aligning with yourself as you take your next steps in your career.  

There is no work life balance. 
There is just LIFE.
The balance is within. 

Looking forward to aligning with you. 🌌