Your 108 Coach, Maria:  

With over 15 years’ experience coaching over 10K individuals - from young adults to executives to retirees starting anew - I have heard countless stories of love, loss, and triumph. 

I specialize in career coaching, professional development training, and strengths-based leadership. 

My experience has been based on coaching people about their careers. 

It starts there. It ends somewhere else. 

Stories revolve around what someone loves to do, what they don’t like, what their dreams are, social/personal situations, and everything in between. 

As I grew in my life and profession, so did my evolution when working with clients. 

I’ve learned there is no such thing as a dream job. Stop chasing that unicorn. Start building your dream life. 

I’ve learned: 

:: Connecting with who you are in many different areas of your life builds contentment. 

:: Being in the present moment builds awareness. (And in that space of clarity, the next step arises.)

:: Welcoming change and knowing that everything is constantly in motion builds acceptance. 

:: Identifying your strengths and creating ways to leverage them in your life builds engagement. 

:: Creating space and time for yourself, and in that stillness listening to your inner truth builds wisdom. 

:: Loving and treating yourself like the divine energy you are builds everlastingness. 

These are my strategies and methodology to get you connected with yourself and where you want to go. 

Need a little more info? Here’s my street cred: 

MS in Counseling 
BA in Psychology, minor in Theatre Arts

National Counselor
Human Resources Management 
Strengths Based Coach
Yoga Instructor 
Sound Healing Practitioner 

Bonus info:
10 years performance art/comedy
Digital Marketing Strategist 
Daily yoga practitioner 
Burner )’( 🔥
Over 500 presentations given (small groups, large groups, executives, workshops, webinars, conferences, keynotes)
Mad karaoke skills :) 🎤

Something else comes up in our sessions that’s beyond my scope? No worries. I got referrals and resources for you. 

Coaching? It’s not me. It’s you. Why 108 Coaching? Read more about the name here.

Let’s listen to what you have to say to yourself. Let’s focus on you and let you show yourself the way. No matter who you are, what you want, or where you want to go. 

You got this. 

It’s time to vibrate higher. 

Welcome to 108 Coaching. 

Let's begin. 

Connect now via "chat with us" button or send an email to maria@108coaching.com 

Call direct: 313-409-8009

Looking forward to working with you.