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Career Alignment Sessions

Holistic, modern career coaching infusing yoga lifestyle and mindset. Customized career coaching tailored to your personal life goals. From diving deeper into who you are, to accepting a new job - our methodology has just what you're looking for. Let's set your heart on fire and fall in love with your career.

Yoga, Sound Healing, & Meditation Sessions

As a yoga teacher, daily practitioner, and sound healer, join me for 1:1 or group sessions.

The number 108 is significant in math, science, geometry, numerology, & in many religions and spiritual traditions.

When you say, speak, or write 108, you are empowering yourself with the wisdom of the universe - all that it is and all that it continues to be.

1 - The singularity, 0 - the nothingness/everything, 8 - the infinite. Read about this magic number here.