You Cannot Wish Your Job Search To Go Faster...

✨ 🔮 💫 You cannot wish your job search to go faster. Or easier. Or smoother.

You need to surrender and accept what it is and be in the present.

Do not rush your search and find yourself in a place you don't belong.

Breathe. Ground yourself in the now.

You are safe.

You are free.

You are grateful.

When you feel the "uncomfortably" "frustration" "burned out" emotions about being in the job search, sit with that. Then change that vibration IN THE MOMENT by feeling contentment in the now. ⭐ And in that moment of gratitude, you change your frequency. You start emitting a new energy. One that brings abundance and life force to you.

Believe in your power to manifest your next step. 🚀

Write it down. Every action's parent is a thought. By writing (or typing) you are literally, physically, bringing this idea from the ethereal world to the physical one. You turned energy into matter.

Now it can be yours.

Change your mindset.

At the speed of light. ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

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