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You had a great informational interview! Now what? Next steps to take your conversation to the next level.

The goal of informational interviews is to gain industry insights and expand your network of professional connections. But what happens after a great conversation? How do we keep this relationship alive and continue to grow? Here are strategies to continue to build your relationship with a new connection. Send a thoughtful follow up messageProfessional thank yous and correspondence post-meetings go a long way. This is your time to reflect upon the conversation and to recall next steps discussed. For example, if they referred you to a resource, blog article, podcast, etc, you can mention that you checked it out and your insights. If they referred you to a person, mention that you reached out to them. Expressing gratitude for their...

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Facing Rejection With Gratitude

How should we continue our job search through  the ups, the downs, the forward momentum, the setbacks,  the moments of success, and the moments of failure? The answer we seek is gratitude.

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Sunday Scaries Hotline

I've been there. The tightening in your chest. The anxiety about going into work tomorrow. I tried to stretch out my Sunday into the night; I could avoid thinking about Monday as long as possible. I had the "sunday scaries" - that existential dread about work tomorrow morning, aka the ultimate "case of the Mondays." And I held that anxiety in me for years. I was in the wrong job doing the wrong thing. But even beyond that - my overall life was out of sync and causing many things to be unbalanced. But now... I'm not saying everything is perfect, I'm just saying fucking love Mondays. It's an opportunity to follow my dharma. To do what I love, and...

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