5 Ways to Job Search Over the Holidays!

Just because the holidays are around the corner, doesn't mean your job search has to cool off! Here are 5 strategies to make the most of job searching during the holidays.

1. Sending holiday greetings to connections
This is a wonderful time of year to reconnect with friends, family, prior coworkers, college friends, LinkedIn connections and more. “Wishing you a joyous holiday season and prosperous New Year!” is a thoughtful message to send to anyone. Not only are you checking in with your connections, you are also letting them know you are thinking about them. This is a great conversation starter and a prompt to reconnect with each other in your lives.

2. Employers are still hiring
Many people will put in their 2 week notice the first few weeks of December, take the holidays off and start their new role in January. This means employers may rush the job posting and hiring process to get a new employee in this tax/fiscal year. Keep your eye out for new job postings and be quick to apply!

3. Network at holiday parties
Gatherings large and small, nights out on the town, and heading to your partner’s work holiday event are all ways to meet new people and expand your circle. Also, virtual holiday meetups, career fairs, webinars and more are still happening in December. Be open to new conversations and celebrate this festive time of year.

4. Buy yourself new work pieces/attire Now is a great time to take advantage of clothing discounts, especially for higher ticketed items like suits and dress shoes. Even though the work culture and dress codes have changed with remote life, it's always nice to treat yourself to a new outfit or two and visualize yourself in a new role.

5. Volunteer
Get involved with local food drives, community events and more. Not only will you be giving back, you will also be meeting new people and networking with the event organizers and participants. Head to http://idealist.org to identify organizations and volunteer opportunities in your area.

Remember to enjoy the season, send warm wishes to your friends and family, and set yourself up for success in 2022 and beyond. Happy Holidays!

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