♠️ Ace Your First 90 Days! ♠️

Congratulations on your new position! Here’s to your first 90 days in your new role, and strategies to make you shine at the organization. 

Here’s how to ace your first 90 days in your new job!

♠️ Enjoy being the newbie and establish trust 

Being new doesn’t last forever! In fact, this stage will be a lot shorter than you think. Spend the next few weeks getting to know the landscape and culture of the organization, settling into your new role, and communicating with coworkers, supervisor, and company members. (How you can collaborate and build trust & rapport with the team.) This is a professional way to launch into your new role. 

♠️ Identify communication preferences with supervisor and team 

What is your supervisor’s preferred method of communication? Have you ever asked? There are managers that prefer Slack, some prefer email, others text, phone, video call, you name it! Everyone has a preference of how they like to receive information and give information. Maybe your team’s project conversations are all on Asana, other teams may prefer Telegram. Learn their communication styles, methods, and preferences, communicate your own, and you are off to a great start. 

♠️ Ask questions, but first “3 before me”

Yes, your team wants you to ask questions and clarify anything you are unclear about. Period. Please do this. This is an integral part of your success: to clarify and understand what you do and how/when you do it. Therefore, if you are unclear about anything in that process, it’s up to you to clarify it. Your team will gladly answer these questions for you. However, it’s a best practice to implement the rule “3 before me”. This means that before you ask a question to your manager/team member, research the answer three different ways. This can include the company’s website, internal documents, googling the answer, etc. If you still can’t find the answer, or have a question, you can approach the team member with more context and a higher level of mindfulness.  This showcases your resourcefulness, attention to detail, communication skills, and caring about your role/the company.

♠️ Understand and manage expectations - set goals & clarify goals with supervisor and team

Your role could be brand new or mid-project. During your onboarding and orientation, it’s important to clarify the goals and expectations of your role with your manager/team. Schedule meetings with coworkers you are directly collaborating with. (30 minutes if possible). Learn the dates that are important for the organization (i.e. Budget deadlines, Quarterly deadlines, Company celebrations, Client project due dates, etc.) Identify if your role directly impacts any of these dates. Create goals based upon your responsibilities, strengths, skills, and future strategy. Have some of these goals completed within 90 days. If you have a 90 day review, you can demonstrate your impact on the company.  

♠️ Be yourself! 

Never forget that they hired you for YOU! Follow your intuition and insight. Trust in yourself that you are making the right decisions. Step into your power. This is a wonderful, new opportunity to write the next chapter of your career. Enjoy, stay present, and have fun! 

♠️ ♠️ ♠️

I'm here to coach you throughout your job search and discuss best practices in launching and succeeding in your new role. Let's create your own personal strategy ace your first 90 days! 

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To your success! 


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