Goal Setting Inspiration

We all know the importance of goal setting; to create clarity in our future, and hold ourselves accountable for the things we would like to accomplish. However, actually sitting down to write a list of goals can sometimes seem daunting and uninspiring. Here are 2 methods to get the juices flowing and create more goal setting inspiration:

Strategy 1: 3 Goals, 5 Momentums, 3 Surrenders - 3 things I want to achieve, 5 behaviors to add momentum to, 3 thoughts I want to let go of.

  • 3 Goals - Things that I want to learn, do, or experience: Whether that is learning a new language, or working for a new company, what are your major goals for the rest of 2021? Writing this down is your first step to accomplishing your goals, and if you haven’t listed what you would like to achieve for 2021, this is a good place to start!

  • 5 Behaviors - What am I already doing well and would like to add momentum to? List 5 behaviors you already have that need a boost of energy and motivation. Maybe you exercise two times a week and would like to bump that up to four times a week. Maybe it's accelerating your networking by attending a meetup three times a month instead of once a month, etc. Think about the behaviors that are already working in your life and career that you would like to enhance. What changes do you need to make in your schedule for that to happen? This is a mindful way to acknowledge your current successes and enhance them for the future.

  • 3 Surrenders - What thoughts aren’t serving me that I need to let go of? Imposter Syndrome is very real, which may include beliefs that are holding you back in your career. How can you restructure these thoughts into something more empowering? It’s time to step into your power, recognize all the strengths you bring to the table, and leave behind the thoughts that are holding you back.

Strategy 2: Present, past, and future method: Where am I now, where was I 6 months ago, where would I like to be 6 months from now?

  • Where are you now? Taking inventory and observation of your current life situation, environment, daily schedule, and friends/coworkers, write down things you are grateful for.

  • Where were you 6 months ago? Remembering your life situation 6 months ago, write down things that have changed, improved, and that you’re proud of.

  • Where would you like to be 6 months from now? Dreaming of the future in your job/career, enhanced lifestyle, and relationships, write down what you’d like to say is possible 6 months from now. 

Both of these goal setting methods are unique in that they give us a holistic perspective and allow us to look at our lives as a continuum, rather than set months and years. Even if your goals don’t change, it’s a great idea to check in with yourself every month or so to see where you’ve progressed, and how you are working towards a new step in your life and career.

These strategies can serve as inspiration for journaling, provide us context and detail about the present, and help us outline a roadmap for future solutions. Use these as a guide to achieve your short and long term goals. 

Sit with these, meditate upon them, and tell the universe what you want. Remembering that the answers you seek are always within. 

What are some of your realizations? Share in the comments below or email me at maria@108coaching.com

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