Facing Rejection With Gratitude

We’ve all faced rejection at some point or another. We’ve applied to jobs and not heard a response, sent informational interview requests with no reply, or failed a technical interview challenge. It’s very frustrating to get rejection after rejection, gain no answer from LinkedIn connections, and to feel stuck in our job search. 

We all go through this. It’s not you, it’s merely the process of job searching. You’ll most likely apply to over 100 positions in your job search, receive around 10-15 interviews, be a finalist for a few, and ultimately land your new position. 

So, how should we continue our job search through  the ups, the downs, the forward momentum, the setbacks,  the moments of success, and the moments of failure?

To get there, it takes discipline, effort, a positive mindset, compassion towards ourselves, and gratitude. We need to be grateful for the entire job search process; the doors that are open, and the doors that are shut.  Why be grateful for the doors that close on us? Because that door was not our path. If it was our path, that door would be open. So, aim to be thankful for even the doors that close on us, as they will bring us closer to the true path we’re meant to be on. 

It may not seem easy or natural or to be grateful for opportunities that don’t work out. We may say things like “I really messed up that interview,” “That was the perfect job for me,” or “If only that contact reached out to me before the application deadline.”  But, resonating with the frequency of gratitude in all moments of our lives, regardless of whether we label them as a “positive” or “negative” experience, will allow us to make peace with the present moment, accept the job search process, and trust in our own individual pathway to success. 

The more that we practice gratitude, the more opportunities the universe presents us with to be grateful for. 

As we head into the holiday season, a time for giving and receiving, let's remember to check in with ourselves and all the wonderful things in our lives that we can be grateful for. Let’s show ourselves kindness, and trust the process that everything will work out as it’s meant to be. 

Onward, with a grateful mindset!

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