See You at Sunrise for Deep Haus Yoga

If you were ever wondering “So, why ‘Sunrise Deep Haus Yoga’?” my first answer would be, why not. :) My second answer would be because of Black Rock City. Burning Man has had a profound influence in my life in how I view myself and the world. It’s the freedom to be you and me. It’s an immersive experience living with art. The people you meet, the hugs you receive, the experiences you have - it’s a deluge of self-love and radical expression, in the most asperous environment you can imagine. 

The 10 Principles alone are enough to intrigue anyone if this utopian society can actually exist. And it does - for 1 week in the Nevada desert, dreamers and doers create a city and then it’s gone leaving no trace behind. This year because of #batgate Black Rock City is virtual and is happening right now. You better believe I’m listening to my favorite sound camps on Twitch and participating in some VR experiences.  

Burning Man is a place where, if you allow it to be, everything is perfect. Sure, it’s not for the faint of heart and it’s hard work to actually get yourself out there and participate. You’ll be hot, cold, tired, and hangry at times - but all of that disappears because you keep finding yourself in states of bliss and bewilderment. Allowing yourself to be in the present, to be completely detached from the outside world, you find out that you are exactly where you need to be, at every instant, at every moment. The obvious and powerful lesson of presence and immediacy serves as the experience’s greatest souvenir. 


Our first night, my best friend and I stepped onto the playa - and my jaw just dropped. I could not believe all the lights I saw - everywhere and everyone - was lit. It was so beautiful to not only be flamboyantly expressive - but also serving a purpose because you actually do need to light yourself up at night. And boy, is everything lit - people, bikes, camps, art cars, art - everything. So imagine over 100K different objects being lit up is mind blowing and visually stunning. And that’s when I realized why not lights? Why aren’t we decording our spaces - outdoor and indoor - with beautiful, multicolor lighting all year round? Why is it just deemed a “holiday” thing then BOOM January comes and they go back in the box. Well newsflash y’all- it’s dark every night until dawn. Embracing the transformation of our spaces with quality lighting - string lights, orbs, fairy lights, LEDs, cafe lights, and more adds ambiance, positive vibes and let’s be honest, looks dope af. Add fairy lights to your home plants. Treat yourself to an orb that’s mobile and you can take from your porch, to your tub, to the beach at night. Neon is always a good idea. String lights on your porch or balcony! Be creative and shine bright. 

The sound of deep house reverberating through your body with expansive skies and divine land is freeing and boundless. I gained a total “music reset” and started to appreciate every genre of music for what it is - not trying to make it be something that it is not. Allowing things to be what they are. And knowing that everything is in a contrast state of change and motion. With music and with life, having the humility that even if we “know” something, we keep having to relearn and rediscover it as it appears in different forms all the time. 

Bringing multicolored lights and deep house beats to a yoga class not only reminds me of my time on the playa - it also has profound physical and emotional effects. Immersive color experiences are therapeutic and bring awareness to the chakras, the light within us, and connect us with the spectrum of light found throughout the universe. House beats with deep bass notes vibrate within us on the cellular level - so as we flow, our bodies are dancing from the inside out. Shavasana is that much sweeter as we reset and recharge for the day ahead. 

I love raves and my drug is yoga - because there is nothing like a yoga high. The feeling of vibrating at a higher frequency lasts all day - so why not experience it first thing when you wake up, before you start your day, and see what a difference it makes for you and your environment. I get to teach at Wynwood Yoga Studio - and it’s a privilege to lead my students in a path of self-discovery, inner awakening, and a kaleidoscope of possibilities if you just believe - in yourself and the perfection of the present. 

Sunrise Deep Haus Yoga
Monday - Friday, 6:30 AM ET
Zoom or in the room 
Wynwood Yoga Studio in Miami, FL
See you on the mat! Let's rave and shine. 
Add my #tropihouse playlist here

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PS - props to the Miami skyline AND everyone who decorates their balconies/homes/spaces with a multicolor ambiance. You don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for adding light art to your city. Xo. 

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